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Help Raise the Bar in the Lowcountry by taking the UPstander Training!

Show your patrons and the community that your establishment is committed to preventing sexual harassment, violence, and drug-facilitated sexual assault.

Alcohol is the #1 drug used in drug-facilitated sexual assaults. National law enforcement statistics report that drug-facilitated sexual assaults are on the rise. With Charleston's college presence, and with over 50% of college student assaults involving alcohol, it is extremely important that restaurant and bar staff are involved in the effort to intervene in risky situations and prevent sexual assault.

How do we do that? By Raising the Bar with the UPstander Training!

UPstander Training by People Against Rape is for anyone in the food and beverage industry interested in acquiring the skills to intervene in risky situations and keep their patrons safe. It is 100% free, only an hour, and we come to you!

Training covers:

  • What is drug-facilitated sexual assault?
  • What does consent look like?
  • How to handle workplace sexual harassment
  • SC laws and reporting options
  • Battle your coworkers to match drugs to their side effects!
  • Open discussion of your establishment's policy on how to handle specific situations
  • Bystander intervention scenarios discussion

PAR provides:

  • PAR swag for staff and/or patrons
  • Raising the Bar buttons
  • Bathroom signs with PAR cards
  • 11x17 poster
  • Certificate of Training

If you would like to learn more about the UPstander Training, email

Check out our article in the Post and Courier about the success of the UPstander Training at the Recovery Room Tavern!

In accordance with Federal law and People Against Rape’s policy, all educational programs and People Against Rape sponsored activities prohibit discrimination based upon a person’s ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, national origin, ability status, veteran status, or marital status.