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Board of Directors

Heather Woolwine, Board Chair

Dean Kilpatrick, Ph.D., Treasurer

Vickey Cornelison Grant

Lt. Michael Roach

Von Bakanic, Ph.D.

Natalie Deyneka

Tenelle Jones

Monica Scott


Are you interested in becoming a PAR Board Member?

Purpose: To advise, govern, oversee policy and direction, and assist with the leadership and general promotion of People Against Rape so as to support our organization’s mission and needs.

Major responsibilities:

  • Organizational leadership and advisement
  • Formulation and oversight of policies and procedures
  • Financial management, including adoption and oversight of the annual budget
  • Oversight of program planning and evaluation
  • Personnel evaluation and staff development
  • Review of organizational and programmatic reports
  • Promotion of the organization
  • Fundraising and outreach

Expectations of board members :  

  • Participate on a standing committee of the board, and serve on ad-hoc committees as necessary.
  • Attend and participate in meetings and special events on a regular basis.
  • Be alert to community concerns that can be addressed by PARs mission, objectives, and programs.
  • Help communicate and promote PARs mission and programs to the community.
  • Become familiar with PARs finances, budget, and financial/resource needs.
  • Understand the policies and procedures of PAR.
  • Financially support PAR in a manner commensurate with one’s ability.

Meetings and time commitment:

  • The board of directors meets every other month. Meetings typically last 90 minutes.
  • Committees of the board meet an average of four times per year, pending their respective work agenda.
  • Board members are asked to attend no more than two special events or meetings per year, as they are determined.

Email this completed application to the President of the Board, Heather Woolwine, at, to be considered for Board membership.